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How Could Malware Be Slowing Down Your Computer?

How Could Malware Be Slowing Down Your Computer?

Malware is any type of software that enters your computer without you knowing and it does a lot of wrong thing. This is why the “mal” in malware stands for malicious (hence why its bad). Spyware on the other hand is used to collect information on you like your passwords, usernames, credit card accounts, etc… For the purposes of this article were going to stick to talking about malware.

A lot of computers actually have malware on them without the users even knowing about it, and to make matters worse, malware is one of the biggest reasons as to why your computer may be running slowly. If you are concerned about the speed of your computer, you are probably going to want to look into removing the malware from your computer. I personally use 2 different pieces of software to protect myself against malware. One is used to prevent malware from getting into the computer and the other is used to scan and remove malware from my hard drive.

The first program is called Malware Bytes Anti-Malware (just do a Google search for them). This is the program that I use to scan my computer of any malware infections on the computer and it works perfectly. When you download the program, just perform a full scan so that it look through all of the files on your hard drive to see if they are malware or malware related. After that scan is done, if you want to do another scan in the future, a simply quick scan should do the trick.

The second program that I use is called Spyware Blaster (just do a Google search for it). This is a program that is used to protect your computer by trying to stop programs from getting their way into your computer. All you have to do is to just download and install the program and it will provide you with full protection. Just make sure to click on the Protection Status button and select Enable All Protection (its at the bottom). There is, however, one downside to using the free version of this software – you have to manually go in and update it. Just click on the Updates button and select Check for Updates.

If you were to run a scan of your computer when you first download Malware Bytes Anti-Malware its very typical of you to get about 250 or maybe even more infections (assuming you have used your computer for a few months or longer without running a scan for malware). This is why it is critical that you perform maintenance on your computer at regular intervals.

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