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Director Massage

Nishant Kumar (CHAIRMAN)

The main purpose of the company is to make computers popular and simple. I promise to help you to overcome the fear of computer. Most of the students think that English has to be powerful before learning computers. But there is no such requirement for learning computer. Our program will help students residing in lower areas to grow with great attitude and personality. Our main focus will be on basics of computers and go step and discover yourself.

Mr. Kumar Neeraj (Managing Director)

14Years Experience in domestic and international corporate business

M.D (STS  suchna technosys sansthan pvt. limited)

We are in the age where human needs are meeting with the technology. Man is becoming dependent of machine. Computer is the biggest revolutionary invention in the sequence. The machine which has simplified and decreased the time of work. The machine that has increased the time of work. The machine that has increased the efficiency of human working. Today computers are not only being used for work but they are also becoming an important part of Entertainment.

Take the journey as dedicated and faithful tourist who follows his guide keenly and will emerge as a master of computer.


e- mail us                 contactkumarniraj@gmail.com


(STS)  suchna technosys sansthan pvt. limited

The concept of Suchna Technosys Sansthan Pvt ltd. was brought into the early education sector just to ensure that our children learn and understand the baste learning, ethics and values with immense purity. This shall lead the child to be on right track since beginning and the child keeps on graspmg all the good things around Iwn/her. Moreover, we encourage the individuals who have a passion ol early childhood education to associate with us as our business partner (franchisee). We cal them “Edoprcneurs”. Who have emended our brand to delever a better quality day by day

Er. Ashish Kumar (IT Consultant)

Building digital solutions as unique as our clients.
It’s an awesome alchemy that only happens when
we work together. Design and technology belong together. This belief guides our approach to every project we take on. We DESIGN intuitive, fluid user interfaces. We BUILD custom software solutions that seamlessly integrate these designs. And we develop digital marketing strategies to position, promote, and SELL.

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