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Employees lacking basic computer proficiency are not fit for any managerial role and can’t reach their highest working and earning potential, unless they are enough IT exposure.

Suchna Technosys Sansthan pvt. ltd. is an emerging name in the storm of rapid IT enablement that is sweeping the entire country. The company provides complete computer proficiency to the youths of the country to make them more informed about the opportunities that lies before them and more empowered to turn the opportunities into a lifetime of success.

The company offers IT enablement courses in the fields of Software, Hardware and Networking, Multimedia, Mobile Repairing, Computer Teacher Training and more.

The Company currently is in its 10  year of operation and has succesfully trained thousands of students and have created a vast global  network of over 700 study centres all over india and abroad also.

As with advances in Technology Human life is becoming more and more  technology dependent, the Company continuously rethinks its starategy and courses and makes progressive changes to make the Company more and more succesful in the dynmaic marketplace of tomorrows fast world.

(Regd. Under Companies Act 1956 by ministry of corporate affairs Govt. Of India)

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified